April 2, 2024 Finding the Best Passive Investment Opportunities: What You Need to Know
Are you searching for the bestpassive investment opportunities? Passive multifamily real estate investing is a tried-and-true method that lets you take advantage of real estate’s stability without the direct responsibilities of being a landlord. Steady cash flow and tax... [Read More]
March 5, 2024 Understanding Preferred Returns
As an investor, there are various ways you could put your money to work. When you’re in the world of private placements, you may have heard of preferred returns. These refer to the order in which profits from a project are distributed to investors. Preferred return indicates... [Read More]
March 5, 2024 Apartment Syndications vs. Single-Family Rentals: Which One Is Better?
Investing in real estate is an endeavor as rewarding as other investment vehicles such as stocks or bonds but can involve a lesser degree of management in monitoring your holdings (especially if you’re engaged in apartment syndications). So, what is the best way to generate... [Read More]
February 6, 2024 How a General Partner (Sponsor) Makes Money in an Apartment Syndication
Apartment syndication has been a strong buzzword in society, especially since the JOBS Act passed back in 2012 that boosted real estate crowdfunding. All in all, apartment syndication is an inked transaction between a general partner/sponsor and a group of passive partner... [Read More]

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