No Fees. No Commission. Just profit

Our Focus

Our focus is on the direct and efficient acquisition of multifamily properties to increase our growing multifamily portfolio.

We understand sellers who have experienced protracted and time-consuming negotiations requiring many months of hard work that end up in no sale.

Our focus at KBIM CAPITAL is to offer sellers a completely different and rewarding experience.

Our reputation as an authentic and fair-minded direct buyer is strongly entrenched and we take pride in the fact that our business model works as a win/win for the seller and the buyer.

KBIM CAPITAL team of real estate professionals are multi-family real estate specialists. We are seasoned experts in the multi-family property sector.

Our mission is to continue expanding our operations and growing our investment portfolio across the United States.

Our knowledge of the unique multi-family investment market and our unwavering dedication mean that we are well positioned for continued and accelerated nationwide growth.

At KBIM CAPITAL, our focus is to source, manage and grow the multi-family investment portfolios of our investors, bringing wealth and financial freedom.  That is why we offer the following:


In any task we perform in behalf of our clients, from sourcing multi-family properties that bring the best possible rate of return to managing properties with meticulous attention to detail, we believe in delivering superior service.

We always go above and beyond for our guests, residents, investors, colleagues, and communities.


Our highly professional team comes with a strong track record in multi-family investment.

We are all owners of the customer experience, we are each responsible for delivering expectations and we are empowered to make decisions that improve the customer experience.


Our trusted status in the multi-family market is sustained by more than our professional competence; our reputation is sustained also by means of our integrity.

We do what is right even when it is not to our advantage and when no one is watching.


We are a passionate and dedicated team of professionals, holding ourselves to the highest expectation. We leave no stone unturned and no fact unchecked when tirelessly analyzing and re-analyzing the best possible value-add markets and properties. This passion is reflected in our work every single day.


We operate as a team to exceed expectations; we collaborate to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our investor clients and we succeed together, not individually.



We take the initiative to perform at the highest level as we help you achieve your financial goals. We do this by implementing the very best multi-family investment strategies on your behalf through innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit.