No Fees. No Commission. Just profit

Our Company

Our focus is on the direct and efficient acquisition of multifamily properties to increase our growing multifamily portfolio.

We understand sellers who have experienced protracted and time-consuming negotiations requiring many months of hard work that end up in no sale.

Our focus at KBIM CAPITAL is to offer sellers a completely different and rewarding experience.

Our reputation as an authentic and fair-minded direct buyer is strongly entrenched and we take pride in the fact that our business model works as a win/win for the seller and the buyer.

KBIM CAPITAL team of real estate professionals are multi-family real estate specialists. We are seasoned experts in the multi-family property sector.

Our mission is to continue expanding our operations and growing our investment portfolio across the United States.

Our knowledge of the unique multi-family investment market and our unwavering dedication mean that we are well positioned for continued and accelerated nationwide growth.